Universal Simulator

What to download?

Curious first time user?

Download UniSim installation for your platform (currently only Windows is supported by UniSim).

Wanting to know more about how it works?

Download in addition the UniSim tutorial and the UniSim source code package. Follow the instructions in the tutorial to find out where to unpack the source code and how to navigate it.

Wanting to understand UniSim in depth and develop own UniSim plug-ins?

Same as above, but in addition you will need to download and install a few open-source tools. Follow the instructions in the tutorial.

UniSim installation for Windows

This installation file will install Universal Simulator on your Windows computer. The installation includes a ready-to-run UniSim.

UniSim source code package

You need the source code if you want to study and understand the exact functionality of the models included with UniSim. The source code is not included in the downloads above.

The source code is placed at the GitHub web site. Visit UniSim at GitHub and click the 'Zip' button to get the latest source code package as a zip file.

Download: UniSim at GitHub

UniSim tutorial

The writing of the tutorial 'Universal Simulator Explained' started in 2010. You are welcome to download the unfinished book.

How to cite

To cite the source of the UniSim software write: 'Holst N (2015). Universal Simulator 1.52. Aarhus University, Aarhus, Denmark, www.ecolmod.org'. State the version number and year corresponding to your version. You can find it under the Help|About menu of UniSim.

For a refereed paper citation use 'Holst N (2013). A universal simulator for ecological models. Ecological Informatics 13: 70-76'.